Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Delights

Halloween was so much fun this year. Sydney was Pirate Princess and Mason was Tow-Mater. The kids (well mainly Sydney) actually got the concept of Halloween this years. She would run up to the door and say, "Trick or Treating." It was so funny. And then we have Mason who at a young age knows how to work the system. He would either take handfuls of candy when they let him, while giving him candy he would reach in for more, or just stand there silently so people just kept on giving him more candy in hope he would leave. Needless to say we ended up with tons of candy. We also had so much trick or treating with Curtis, Cassie, Davis, and Kelsi.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Aquarium Life

So a few weeks ago we attempted to go to Gardner Village to see the Witches. We were rained out so we ended up going to the Living Planet Aquarium. The kids loved seeing the fish and running around.

Loving Fall

I am a huge fan of the season Fall. It means soups, changing leaves, cooler weather, pumpkin added to everything, pumpkin patches, and so many more fun events. This year we are so blessed to be back in Utah for my favorite seasons, which means draging the kids to all the fun spots I love to see. We have hit up Gardner Village to see the witches, Hogle Zoo, and Pumpkin patches. We were lucky enough to be accompanied by cousins, grandparents, and friends in these various activities. So here are some pictures of Gardner Village and the pumpkin patch.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3 Months

Whoa I finally figured out how to get back on to my blogging account. So an update, we are three months into our first deployment as a family. Whew this is hard work and know it would only be harder in I was alone in Washington. We are loving our time in Utah, but miss our Military Friends and their amazing support groups.

On another note, Sydney is loving and thriving in Preschool which is awesome for her. Mason well he is Mason not much else to be said. We are eagerly awaiting Halloween a few more days. At the current rate the kids might ruin their Halloween costumes before its actually Halloween. We have to wear them on a daily basis.

Okay I will have to post picuters of some of our fun adventures while Daddy has been gone, but as of right now I have two little voices who have climbed into a crib yelling for me to come help them. So off I got to save my two munckins.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Hair Do

I have a dear friend from high school that is amazing at doing hair. She recently started a blog about all the fun hair do's she does on her daughter, so one Sunday I decided to get a little fancy with Syd. Granted Sydney's hair is a little long than my friends daugther's hair, but I think it still turned out so cute. However, Sydney wasn't happy with me by the end of doing her hair, but I think she was more mad at me for putting her in her "Cinderella Dress." She hates when dresses get too frilly.


So in an attempt to find anything that will keep us out of the house and our minds off the fact that Daddy comes home in a few shorts day we are doing whatever we can these days. Last Saturday I took the kids to the Kid's Safety Day at the fairgrounds. I mainly went because Mason's obessions with trucks, buses, fire trucks, planes, and trains. Anything loud outside he sits and yells at forever plane, plane, plane, or bus, bus, bus. It can get really annoying really quick, but he is too cute. Needless to say we got there and he didn't want to have anything to do with the fire trucks or buses. He wanted the water fountain. I thought for sure this day was going to be a bust. After 20 minutes and tons of pics of Sydney and fire trucks he decided it was fun and okay. This is when Mason finally realized what he was looking at he just started yelling Fire Truck and from that point on we were good to go.The famous water fountain he just had to be by.
There was some sweet lady who was holding Mason up and holding his window open so he didn't shut it, other wise there would have been no good photo of the two of them. Thanks unknown lady.